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Half term holidays - weeks beginning 25th May & 1st June

  • What can you make from just one recycled box or bottle? Here are some photos to give you inspiration. 
  • Why don’t you create a new picture using materials that you can find in your home or from your walks in the park? Oak National Academy have a series of 5 lessons to inspire you and get ideas. 
  • Can you learn a new skill? For example, skipping with a rope, hula hooping, yoga poses, juggling, origami, throw and catch a ball accurately or learn to 'fingerspell' your name using sign language.

Yoga for Kids

Follow along as Sophia Khan leads a fun and family-friendly introduction to yoga.

Makaton Topic - FINGERSPELLING ALPHABET - Singing Hands

  • Can you learn, memorise and perform a poem?
  • And finally have some home-made fun! Try these fun indoor and outdoor challenges, all about being as quick as you can!