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Week beginning 18th May 2020

Follow the link below and share the PowerPoint 'The Best Dress Ever - Super Learners!'



There is a lot to make you think in this text!

Here are some 'Talk Cards' that you can use alongside the Super Learners Powerpoint to help ask your child questions and evoke discussion.

So, this story is all about something called Growth Mindset. If you are healthy your body will grow big and strong. Did you know that you can grow your mind too?! That's what Growth Mindset is all about. The trick to Growth Mindset is to...


...even when it is tricky! There may be things that you really wish you could do but you can't. Well, if you try hard, you're determined and you accept that you can't do it...


Take a look at this PowerPoint, The Magic of Yet!


Now, have a think about and record 3 things that you can do. Then think about a record one thing you can't do...YET!!

You can write on plain paper or you can use the writing frame below.

Home learning can get tricky for everyone involved. Here are some positive brain break breathing exercises for you to try when a breather is what you all need!

Positive Growth Mindset