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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Week 1

Hello Everyone

It's great to be back for the start of the summer term! We have had a smashing week beginning to explore our new topic...What things do we know that live and grow? 

We began by talking about how humans grow and change. We have shared two lovely books to get us thinking and talking about this...



The children enjoyed talking about their baby photos and comparing and contrasting what they could do then and now. They also had a great chat about some of the amazing occupations people have, which got them thinking about what their ambitions are for the future! These activities included the children writing and drawing about the topic.

In maths we have begun to learn about numbers 11-20 in more depth. We have been estimating and counting objects and the children really enjoyed it, especially when their estimations were correct or close!

In PE the children have begun doing a term of Athletics with Mr Shingler. They were running relays with little hurdles. It was a lot of fun! Sam and Steve found the children's ball control skills so impressive too. This week PE is on Wednesday and Thursday again. Keep an eye and ear out in case PE arrangements change again please. 

Next week we will look at animal life-cycles and will share the children's classic story The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle to help us find out about the life-cycle of a butterfly. We are also waiting for the arrival of some caterpillars, which we'll house, feed and watch grow into butterflies before we set them free into the wild! How exciting eh?!

Please can I remind everyone to send their little people to school with a fresh bottle of water every day-NO JUICE PLEASE. 

Enjoy the photos and enjoy the rest of your bank holiday weekend, ahead of a short week!

Mrs Cook x