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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Week beginning 8th June 2020

This week in the area of Understanding of the World we will start our ‘movement’ topic with a focus on the story book

Toot Toot Beep Beep by Emma Garcia

Sand play

Do you have sand at home? Make a road in the sand for your cars to go in.

Water play

Can you make a simple car wash for your cars - give your toy cars a good wash. 

Maybe you could help your Mum or Dad to wash their car.

Take a look at speed and direction

Try pushing your toy cars along to see how far they go.

Which of your toys go fastest or which are the slowest

What is it that enables your cars to go

Set up a simple ramp to push your car up or to slide your car down.

Make a simple bridge for you car to drive over.

Make a tunnel for your car to drive through.

Let’s think about wheels

And engines

Cars need petrol and oil to enable them to go

Each week we will continue to look at the nature that surrounds us.  Movement in nature can be seen all throughout the year.  My weeping willow is growing fast now.  This year I won’t cut it back so we can watch it grow together.

The tadpoles are doing really well.  Mr Vail's pond is so interesting!  Look at all the movement that is going on in the pond.

Check out this latest video clip with lots of tadpole and frog activity going still going on!

Pond Life

Still image for this video
More peaceful pond viewing

An amazing tadpoles and frogs video clip.

Still image for this video
This video shows tadpoles gulping for air and different sized frogs lazing in the pond

Look at my weeping willow tree - see how fast it is growing.