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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Weeks beginning 30th March & 6th April 2020

For this week would like you to start to learn about money! This is a very practical topic and will continue next week. For children to really understand what the coins represent they must first understand the different coins and their value.


  • Can you recognise the different value of coins we use? (look at the size, shape, colour, writing on them). To help children understand the value of the different coins you can use a pile of pennies to show how many pennies different coins can represent and why we don’t carry a purse/ wallet full of pennies around with us!
  • Can you put the coins in order, starting from the greatest in value to the smallest and from the smallest to the greatest?
  • Gather a collection of 1p’s, 2p’s, 5p’s and 10p’s (as this builds on counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s). How much money have you got? (We have included worksheets but these activities are probably best done practically).

You can extend this idea by talking about what money is used for, where it comes from and why saving is a good idea.


*Parent/ carer note – next week’s work will be about adding and subtracting with money (buying things and receiving change)