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Week beginning 4th May 2020

This week, in the area of Understanding of the World we will explore the process of washing – both bathing dolls and washing dolls clothes.


Help Mummy or Daddy to do the washing and have fun washing your dolls or maybe your teddy bears.

Ways to help and points for discussion:

Sort the washing into piles - separate light and dark colours.

Explore different ways of washing clothes – wash by hand or wash in the washing machine.

Discuss the best weather for hanging out the washing – a dry and breezy day to blow the washing dry. 

Ways to dry the washing indoors when it is wet or too cold – in a tumble drier, on the radiators, on a clothes horse or on a rack.

Doing the ironing, folding clothes and putting clothes away.

Soap for getting the dolls and dolls clothes clean. Towels for drying dolls.

See if you can make bubbles in the water when you wash dolls and dolls clothes

Rinse the soap out of the clothes and squeeze.

Listen to the sounds made by the water and encourage children to talk about what is happening.

Look in the pond at our tadpoles and frogs.  The tadpoles are growing bigger and stronger.  It won’t be long until they grow legs – back legs first then front legs.


Still no legs!

Still image for this video
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