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Superstar Shout Out 5/2/21

I want to start our Shout Outs this week by saying well done to each and every one you.


If you have tried some of the home learning activities; if you have got up early and got ready to come into school while your grown up goes to work and many of your friends are at staying at home; if you have helped with jobs around the house; if you have helped or played with a younger brother or sister to keep them company; if you have persevered with something; if you have cheered someone up with a bright smile, a little chat or funny antics.  Whatever you have done, although it might not appear in this week's shout out video, you will have made your grown up smile and proud. 


Just because it does not appear on here, does not mean you have not been fantastic this week and impressed someone. 

Grown ups, why don't you stop for second, before the video and tell your child what they have done to impress you this week.


Actually, boys and girls, why don't you stop for a second and think of something that someone in your family has done for you this week.  We can often take our grown ups and brothers and sister for granted so today make sure you tell them what they do that makes you happy or that you appreciate.  


Now settle down for the video and see who is the superstar of your class this week.  Remember, if you don't get picked this week, don't get upset.  Be proud of your classmates and be happy for them as you would like everyone to be pleased for you, if you got picked and it could be you next week!!

Friday Shout Out - 5th February

It wouldn't be Friday Shout Out without a mistake from me now would it??  I think next week, I'm not going to tell  you, I'm to leave it for someone to spot! wink blush


This lockdown is sending me a little crazy too.  Please see the edited version below..

Oops, I did it again!!!

name change