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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Monday 18th January

Good morning Reception 1 families. Miss Edwards and I hope you have had a fun weekend with your family?


Before we start with today's home learning, I would like to remind grown-ups that there is a page on our school website that gives ideas, websites and games to help with phonics and reading. I will add the link below so you can have another look at it.


Today I am going to introduce Antarctic to you. Look through the PowerPoint with your grow-ups.


Now look through the PowerPoint about animals from the Antarctic.

Can you write a list of the animals in the PowerPoint? I would like you to write your name first, using correct letter formation and size, then begin to write your list underneath. Take your time when writing your letters.



Recap sounds from last week – ch, sh, th, ng.

Have a go at writing one word with each sound in.

Practise you listening skills next. Play the Education City game – Tidy Up


To warm up your brains, you can watch the YouTube about counting forwards and back using numbers to 10 and 20.

To warm up your brains, you can watch the YouTube about counting forwards and back using numbers to 10 and 20.

Counting to 10 forwards and backwards song

Counting to 10 Forwards and Backwards - ROCKET THEME Song for Children Toddlers Preschool

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Count back from 20 song

Count Down From 20 to 1 | Super Simple Songs

Watch videos from Super Simple in the Super Simple App for iOS! ►'s count backwards from 20! Try marching, jumping, or hopping aro...

This week we are going to focus on addition, adding two numbers together and them finding the total. Have a go at one of these practical activities to help with addition. You could use your toys or snacks to help you with counting.

Addition activities


In today’s activity, I would like you to develop your fine motor skills and your independence. Miss Edwards and I would like you to practise zipping up your coat, fastening and opening the buttons on your school t-shirt and putting your shoes on and fastening them. These are tricky jobs to do, so please keep practising these over the next few weeks.


I am going to add an extra challenge today. This can be done anytime.

Polar Regions Home Learning Challenge

Thank you for your hard work today. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. I hope you enjoy listening to the story.

Take care and keep smiling

Mrs Spooner x



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