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Superstar Shout Outs

Friday is a very special day in school, where we celebrate pupils' achievements and just because you are not in school, does not mean that you are not doing incredible things.  In fact, I know you are.  The teachers are telling me about all of the great things that you have been doing and I thought we should share these great things together.  However, I need the help of your grown ups!  


In school, the teacher chooses one person from their class who truly deserves to wear their class medal for the week.  It might be for hard work, improving a skill, a kind gesture or just simply making everyone smile.   So instead of the teachers, I am asking you, the grown-ups at home to tell me if you have a medal winner or medal winners at home.  Have a really big think about the last few weeks and see if you can remember something that your child/children have done to make you feel proud and let me know.  Send your entries to my e mail address: . I will look through all of your messages and give a shout out to the superstars of each class.  Although you will not have the medal to wear, everyone will know how hard you have worked and why you are a superstar.  It will take some time to sift through all of the entries in time for Friday's Shout Out, as I am sure that there will be millions so the cut off time will be 12.30 Thursday 28th January.  Unfortunately, if they arrive after 12.30, I will definitely not be able to include them so please send them as soon as you can  Then simply look out for the ‘Shout Out’s’ section on the class page tab on the website.yes

I am really looking forward to reading about all of the great things that you have been up to - I miss that more than anything.  

Take care everyone and I look forward to hearing from you soon

Mrs Walkden