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Hello Reception 2 Families, how are you today? Really good I hope x

Let’s get going on Tuesday’s lovely learning!


Tuesday’s Topic Work

So yesterday we found out what icebergs are and a little bit about how they are made.

Today, we are going to find out what happens when an iceberg is created. Watch these children with their daddy as they find out…

Kids Experiment: How Icebergs Work

Amazing eh????!!!!

It is time for you to become scientists Reception 2!

Iceberg Science Experiment

Tuesday’s Literacy Work


Complete the missing words in the sentences. You can do this verbally with your child. It would be good writing practise if they write the sentences and their missing words for themselves. Pay attention to finger spaces, encourage them to use their phonics (make a phoneme mat available) and ask them to do a neat full stop to show that the sentence has ended and they can take a breath.

I can see a ____________________________ __.

I can see a ______________________________ .

I can see a _______________________________.

I can see a ______________________________ .

You don’t need the worksheet, you can look at the picture on the screen and write the sentences on a piece of paper.


Here’s our daily practise of all the phonemes taught. Stop when you get to igh…



Read the ‘igh’ phoneme spotter story. The children are all at very different stages in their reading ability. Ways of using this resource:

Read it to your child, asking them to listen carefully for when they hear ‘igh’ in a word

Read it with your child, carefully sounding out and blending each word together and spotting the ‘igh’ words together

Allow your child to independently read the story, looking for and listening out for the ‘igh’ words.

In each case, the words can be highlighted and written in a list as they are spotted.

Find a link to the doc below if you’d like to print it off.

Here is a link to some ‘igh’ worksheets if your child would ike some more ‘igh practise

Practise the Phase 4 Tricky Words by joining in with this song. Click the link…

Phase 4 Tricky Words Song

Tuesday’s Maths Work

Let’s warm up our brains!

Can you count to 20?

Can you count back 20-0?

What is 1 more than 3? What is 1 less than 6? What is 1 more than 0? What is 1 less than 8? What is 2 more than 4? What is 2 more than 7? What is 2 more than 11?

Can you clap 8 times? Can you nod your head 12 times? Can you touch your nose 9 Times?

Let’s return to 3D shapes. Next you’ll find a PowerPoint. In it we meet the 3D shape family! Listen to Mrs Cook’s voice as she asks you questions about the 3D shapes that you can see! Click the link beneath the picture.



Here are some home learning ideas for activities to do at home which will help the children to explore and find out about 3D shapes...



Tuesday’s Physical Challenge


Why not try these fitness circuit challenges?! Make some room in the living room, take it to the park or even in the garden! Which will you do? Why not ask your grown up to join you (hee hee)? Can you create a fitness circuit?




Let’s explore another one of the many feelings that we sometimes feel inside. Today we will think about feeling lonely.

Finally, let’s listen to chapter 2 of our class chapter book – My Father’s Dragon


Still image for this video

Thanks for another great day! Sending hugs from myself, Miss Hodgson and indeed everyone at school to you all

Mrs Cook x


Please don't forget to make the most of the Epic resource. There are some families that don't seem to have had a look as yet. It really is so good and so easy to use. Here are details again. If I can help in any way to get you started then please email. Thanks smiley


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