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Wednesday 10th February

Wednesday 10th February

Good morning everyone! I hope you are feeling ok today and ready to go!

Let's start with our phonics. First, check your phase 3 and 5 sounds! Then, I have made a video for the 'ph' sound, and there is a worksheet to complete and a comic to read if you would like to. smiley

Parent and carers guide to pronouncing phonemes phase 2 and 3

Phase 5 phonemes

Phonics 'ph' for Wednesday 10th February


The letters from the wolf to the 3 little pigs that I received by email yesterday were AMAZING! I expect nothing less, 1C! laugh

Below is another version of the tale read by Miss Green.

It really makes you think who is the 'baddie' of the story doesn't it? Can you think of any other characters that might do bad things? Or a different set of characters who build the houses in the story?

You could have..

The three dinosaurs and the big bad wolf

The three wolves and the big bad dragon

The three little ducks and the big friendly cat

Can you think of any more?

The Three Horrid Pigs and the Big Friendly Wolf by Liz Pichon read by Miss Green

Can you have a go at drawing your story idea based on The Three Little Pigs in the comic strip below (or something similar at home). You need to: think of your characters, and then draw pictures for your story in the order that they happen.

For the writing you can use speech or thought bubbles, or use the boxes to write a caption for each picture in, like we do when we retell stories we know in school. 


All of your story ideas will be completely different and I can't wait to see them! If you get chance you could bring them to show us on the Zoom this afternoon (but don't panic if you don't get chance to do it before then)!

This will be the last of our work on The Three Little Pigs for now so enjoy it! cheeky


Today's word of the day is:


Can you try to get today's word of the day in your comic strip today?


Now we have done a lot of work on numbers to 50, I am going to give you some addition word problems to find the answers to today! Don't forget there are many ways you can find the answers.

*Using objects around the home to count on (pasta shapes/ crayons/ lego/ bundles or towers of something to make 10)

*Drawing the tens and ones or ten frames to represent a number

*Using your head and hands, or a numberline to count on

*Making 10 to add two numbers

*Using your 2s, 5s, 10s

You can use whichever method is best for you. I have included 2 sets of questions for you - to 20 or to 50 and you can choose which you’d like to do. Let me know how you get on today. 


To start us off, here I am working out three 'true or false' problems - come and find the answers with me!

Topic - Wellbeing Wednesday

Please see the update below, and a link to last week's page if you need it. smiley

Mrs Walkden also needs help this week with the Superstar Shout Outs.. have a look below.

Well done for all your hard work this half term, we are very proud of you. heart

I'm excited to speak to you all on our Zoom catch up this afternoon! 

Lots of love, Mrs O'Connell Xx