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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School



Hi there Reception 2 Families!

I hope you are all feeling good today. X

Let’s get started with some brilliant learning!


Tuesday’s Topic Work


Meet Abbie and her brother as they prepare for the exciting Chinese New Year celebrations!

CBeebies: Preparing For Chinese New Year - Let's Celebrate

Now join Abbie and her family as they join in with the Chinese New Year street celebrations!

CBeebies: Celebrating Chinese New Year - Let's Celebrate

Tuesday’s Literacy Work


It is time for a lovely story! It is all about a mischievous Chinese Dragon!

How to Catch a Dragon-Chinese New Year

Next, you can make your own mischievous dragon! Follow the tutorial below to see what you need to do.

Dragon Paper Puppet DIY

There is some equipment needed and I know it isn’t always possible to find all the correct art materials around the house. The folded paper doesn’t have to be red. Maybe you could colour some plain paper red or make some red patterns on plain paper. There is a printable below for the dragon’s head and feet. Maybe you could draw one of your own or ask a grown up to help. You don’t need lollipop sticks, maybe you could use some recycled cardboard or 2 sticks from the garden. The most important thing is to have fun!


Can you make up your own story about a dragon using your puppet? He doesn’t have to be naughty! He could be kind, funny, brave, lonely or a good friend. You decide!

Be sure to send Mrs Cook a photo of your dragon puppet please!


Tuesday’s Phonics Work


Ask your child to recognise and say the phonemes that we recapped yesterday…

j  v  w  x  y  z  zz

Now ask your child to write, from memory, the letters that represent these phonemes.


Today we are going to continue to consolidate those Phase 3 phonemes that we have previously covered so that your child can really secure them and confidently use them in their reading and in their writing. We will focus on these phonemes today…

qu  ch  sh  th ng


These phonemes are digraphs and they are phonemes (sounds) that are represented by 2 letters. Point to them and see if your child can recognise them and attribute their sound. Now cover them and ask them to write them from memory as you say them.

Play Read and Race with this game. Grab yourself a dice and play the game on screen or the printable link is below the picture…



Practise reading with these digraphs by joining in with this interactive video…

Phase 3 Phonics Consonant Digraphs | ch, sh, th, ng

Join the Alphablocks as qu ch th sh ng explore their sound

Letter Teams - CH SH TH NG | Learn How to Read

These qu ch sh th ng activity mats are great if you have a printer and your child likes to get stuck into some recorded work…




The Look Say Cover Write Check method is great for learning to spell words that are not phonetically decodable



The children are all at different stages in reading and spelling the Tricky Words. Below is a printable that you can add the words that your child needs to specifically learn to spell. If you’re unable to print this method can be practised on a plain piece of paper or you could create a template for your child to work from.




Tuesday’s Maths Work


Yes! It is Brain Warm Up Time!

It is time to go GoNoodle crazy and count all the way to 100!!!!!!

Count To 100

This gentle song is easy to join in with and helps to practise using Prepositional language like under, next to, in and between.

Grownups…when practising preposition with your child, these posters will help to find all the maths language you could possibly need!

To put vocabulary into practise the best possible way is to do it practically. So ask your child to grab a teddy bear and move it around the room asking your child to tell you to describe where the bear is. In turn, give your child instructions for where to place the child so that they can practise understanding the language as well as using it.

Have Fun!



Tuesday’s Physical Challenge


Our brilliant sports coach, Mr Shingler, under normal circumstances would be working with the Reception 2 children in the sports hall every week. But covid is not going to stand in his way! Here he is with his latest video to get you moving – direct from our very own VPI sports hall! Enjoy!

Mr Shingler's PE challenge

It is important that we keep taking the time to explore how we feel. You’ll find a story about feelings next. Followed by a lovely activity where your child can make one or more Feelings Masks using things found around the house. X

Ruby Finds a Worry by Tom Percival Ruby's Worry (Read Aloud) | Storytime


You are all super stars please give yourselves a big pat on the back for all of your hard work.

See you tomorrow!

Mrs Cook x