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Good Morning Children

Lets start today with a Mathematics Sorting Activity

See if you can find objects in and around your house to sort into two different places. Perhaps a basket for the hot objects and a different basket for the cold objects
Next count how many cold objects and how many hot objects?
Do you have more hot or cold objects?
How many objects did you find all together?

Literacy Reading and Writing

Make name cards for your family to encourage your nursery aged children to see their written name and the names of the whole family regularly.  Suggest the children find and place their name in a name box just like we do in the nursery.

Use lower case letters apart from the initial letter.

Encourage your child to practise writing their name everyday - they could use their name card to copy their name on occasions.


Understanding of the World

Learn about seasonal changes

Sing our Seasons Song together

Seasons Song

What might we see in Spring?
What might we see in Summer?
What might we see in Autumn?
What Might we see in Winter?
Learn about the different seasons as you sing along to the Seasons Song

Pepper Goes Skiing - a Winter Story read by Miss Myles