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Weekly updates and pictures

Week ending 23rd June 2021

The last week - farewell nursery class 2021

I am so sorry to say goodbye to all our nursery children and parents. You have all been fantastic.  We will miss you all!  However the children are certainly ready to move on into their reception classes. 

The last week has been an action packed fun week with the best day ever and party day.

Miss Brown leaves us to take up a new position in another school.  

All the children love Miss Brown as do all the staff.  We are sorry to see her go but wish her all the best of luck in her new job.

I hope you all have a fantastic summer - see you next September!! XXXXXXX 


Week ending 16th July 2021

Thank you to all our fundraising parents - I was amazed at how much money was raised this week.  The children had great fun taking part in the danceathon and sponsored walk. 

On sports day all children participated well and were proud of the medals and certificates they took home.  We had space hopper races, egg and spoon races, bean bag balanced on head races and an obstacle course.

During this week  the week children enjoyed a range of craft activities including pony bead crafts, egg box and pipe cleaner crafts and using paper plates to make rainbows. 

Week ending 9th July 2021

This week week our topic work centred around the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' 

The children have been sorting and counting fruit, working out simple fruit sums and learning to recognise numbers. They were encouraged to retell the story in their own words and to make up their own caterpillar stories.

We used cogs, wheels and cars dipped in paint to make paint tracks on paper. 

In the toy shop a range of different toys were added to encourage the children to find out scientifically how each one works.  

A few more pics to enjoy

Week ending 2nd July 2021

This week we learnt about mini beasts and how they move in different ways.  The children were encouraged to use movement vocabulary e.g. Slide like a snail, flutter like a butterfly, dance like a bee and wriggle like a worm.  

The children enjoyed drawing different mini beasts - their drawing and mark making skills are greatly improved.  We can tell they are now ready to move on into the reception class.

Week ending 25th June 2021

The children have enjoyed using our programmable 'bee-bot' toy. 

Children count how many moves (steps) Bee-Bot is to take forwards, backwards, to the right or to the left .  It is great for encouraging children to use directional language.

Bubble painting

The effect the bubbles made on the paper was amazing and the children found this  experience was so much fun.  All it took was liquid paint, washing up liquid, water and straws to blow down.


Nursery Fund 

We are grateful for all nursery fund donations.  

I have bought a VTEC barbecue which the children have loved playing with.  They have had a tent out with sleeping bags, picnic blanket and play food.  

Enjoy looking at the pics!

A few more of this weeks pics

Week ending 18th June 2021

This week we set up a garage with mechanics tools, petrol station and car wash to enhance our outdoor play.  The children enjoyed role play, repairing bikes and cars, washing cars and using emergent writing to fill in MOT forms.

As a part of our movement topic we have continued to explore pushes, pulls and different ways of moving.  We introduced different types of toys into the toy shop for the children to experiment with including light up toys and kaleidoscopes.

Making the most of the hot weather:

We have had camping, picnics and barbecues on the grass and I have observed some fantastic role play and language development.  

String paintng - developing finer physical skills.  The children enjoyed seeing all the different patterns created from pulling string from their paper. 


Week ending 11th June 2021

we have made a good start on our new 'Movement topic'

The children played imaginatively with our 'Beep, Beep,Toot, Toot story set. Their story telling skills are really improving.  They enjoyed making each vehicles unique sound.  They developed maths skills by counting and sorting vehicles and using comparative language of position and direction.

WATER PLAY is back and the children are loving it!  The water is regularly changed and the children experiment with a set of water toys that are changed each day.

The toy shop is up and running too!  We have observed lots of imaginative play in the toy shop, sorting and counting toys and use of emergent writing to make shopping lists.