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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School


Communication and Language

Letters and Sounds

Today we will focus on the letter L sound 'l'

Look at my sound flower. 

Look at the letter 'l' on the sound flower.

Look at the pictures on the leaves, they are all things that begin with the letter 'l'.

Can you find thing in your house that begin with the letter 'l'?


Find some things that begin with the letter 'l' and put them in a jar or a box

Jolly Phonics Letter L

Sing along and make the actions for lllll

My L Book

Share My "L" Book

Literacy Reading and Writing 

Can you find your name card

Have a go at trying to write your name

Writing Patterns Woolly Hat

Can you draw a woolly hat or ask your mum to draw one for you. Next draw some lines on your hat and draw some writing patterns like mine.

Let's go Home Little Bear

Listen carefully for the winter sounds.
Can you make the sounds from in the story