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Hello folks and welcome to Tuesday’s Home Learning!


Monday’s Literacy/Topic Activities


Our minibeast story today is called: Are You a Snail? As you journey through the book you will discover some very interesting facts about snails!

Turn to the person next to you and tell them 2 interesting things that you learnt from our story about snails.

Go on a snail adventure with Jess from CBeebies!

CBeebies: Minibeast Adventure With Jess - Snail Adventure

Can you label the different parts of a snail? Use some of the knowledge that you have discovered today to help you. You can print from the link below the picture. Alternatively, you could draw and label a snail.


Follow the tutorial and draw an awesome snail!

How To Draw A Snail (for young artists)

Tuesday’s Phonics Activities


Follow the PowerPoint and practise recognising and sounding the Phase 3 phonemes.

Read the ‘igh’ words. Which are real and which are alien/nonsense words?!


Read the ‘igh’ words. Which are real and which are alien/nonsense words?!

Alphablocks Series 3 - Tightrope

Practise reading the Phase 3 Tricky words. Click and follow the PowerPoint…

Tuesday’s Maths Activities


Warm up first with some careful counting. If you can print the activity the link is below. If not, you could use the screen and record the total of each minibeast on a piece of paper.



Follow the story ‘Counting Snails’, listen, look, count carefully and record your answers.

How Many Snails?

Tuesday’s Physical Challenge


Get bending, stretching and moving with Mr Shingler, our PE coach!

Mr Shingler's Wake Up Shake Up 12

Enjoy this magical story, The Magic Paintbrush, read to you by  Miss Hodgson

Part 1The magic brush

Wow! Another great day! You are all superstars! See you tomorrow!

Mrs Cook x