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Week beginning 7th June

This week we have started our new topic Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum based around giants in stories and giant things!

We started by learning about giant sunflowers in our science lessons. We found out what the different parts of a plant are called, what jobs they do and how a new plant grows from a seed (lifecycle) using our non-fiction book. We have also learnt about the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh and looked at his paintings of sunflowers. On Friday the children brought home some sunflower seeds so they can grow their own sunflower plants at home.

In Geography we have started to learn about the four countries that make up the UK. This week we focused on Northern Ireland and found out about different tourist attractions including the Giant’s Causeway.

There has been lots of excitement this week in school as we have had a delivery of new playground equipment to play with during playtimes. The children have really enjoyed using it.

The children had their spelling test on Friday. Well done to those who got them all right or nearly got full marks. I will put the test in your child’s reading record book next week along with their new set of spellings.

Have a lovely weekend everyone 😊