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**PARENTS / CARERS OF NURSERY CHILDREN - Cut off date for renewing your 30 Hour Codes is 31st December**

Tuesday 11.5.21


Please watch the video below, as I introduce a new story.

Dear Greenpeace

Here are some sentences from the book, however I got in a bit of a muddle when I started typing them out. Can you help me unscramble the sentences from the book and write them correctly in your yellow books?



To warm our maths brains up start by playing the game below, I have a little video below for you to watch, which introduces the game-


Now play the game...


This week, whilst we are at home, I would like you to work on length and height. We will be watching a mix of videos, some White Rose or BBC or a Loom from me!


Today we are going to watch White Rose, beginning with measuring length.


When you have finished watching the video complete the worksheet. If you do not have a printer I would like you to find items around your house that are all different in length. Try and find something that is exactly 30cm!

Worksheet for maths


Look at the pictures below. Do you remember looking at the human and physical features of the beaches in Cornwall? Today I would like you to identify different features on these two beaches. One is in England and the other is in Hawaii, an island in the Pacific ocean.



In your yellow books I would like you to make two columns that look like this-


English BeachHawaiin Beach
Beach huts- humanPalm tree- physical


Can you spot any more? Now can you write some sentences that tell us about things that are the same in these pictures and things that are different?