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** On the occasion of Queen Elizabeth's funeral on Monday 19th September 2022, School will be closed as part of the National Bank Holiday. School will reopen on Tuesday 20th September 2022 as normal ** As we are using Email to communicate information home, can ALL Parents please ensure that we are kept up to date with email addresses, we would hate you to miss out on important information ** Please ensure any changes of mobile phone numbers for Parents or emergency contacts are passed on to the School Office **

Thursday Remote Learning 21/1

Today's Timetable

1 Good Morning from Mrs Gill

2 Star Card of the day

3 Money Maths

4 English of the day

5 Topic work PE time  

6 Choose a story for story time from the collection. Will you choose George's Marvellous medicine or a short story?

1 Good Morning



Still image for this video
2 Star Card of the day

3 Maths of the day


Hi everyone today we will start off our maths today with a quiz.


Maths Quiz Odd Numbers and Even Numbers - YouTube


Today we are going to look at money problems. Please recap on the money song to Remind yourself of the different coins you can use to calculate the maths. 


Numbertime - British Money - 1p 2p - YouTube 


Please just sing along to the song. It's a great song that gets "stuck in your head" and really helps us to know the coins quickly.  (You don't have to continue past the song) 


Please watch the video on money problems and answer the questions. Let's see how well you can solve these puzzles. Can you draw a picture to help you? Remember that

by drawing a picture we can  often work out the answer more easily.


Here is the accompanying worksheet


If you would like to extend your money knowledge. Please look at


















4 English

a) Phonics of the day with Felix

b) Grammar of the day

Using commas with adjectives. This lesson carries on from the adjectives video yesterday. 

c) Comprehension of the day.

Choose the comprehension that best suits your reading level. Read all the writing first and then when you go back to answer a question re-read the writing to find the answer in the text.



Remembering to use commas in lists   

Topic Work

1 Get fit with Mr Shingler.

Warm up   

PE lesson


Please finish the day by watching the power point slides all about of Earnest Shackleton. 
6 Choose a story from our collection.