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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

WOW - What a first day back!

WOW-WEE, what a day!!

Welcome Back Everyone!

Today was a huge success and I hope that all of the children go home and tell you that they had a great day in school.  We certainly have.  Well, as I said in my message last week, we want the re-opening of school to be a genuinely exciting time for the children.  We want the children to be enthused, excited and enjoy their days.  The teachers have worked so hard to plan learning opportunities that they know their class will enjoy and to find ‘undercover’ ways to find out where the children are up to and drive their learning forward.  However, we also want to bring the whole school together, to do things as a school family and that’s where you came in at home.  If you remember, I asked the children for their ideas about what they thought would be a great way to celebrate school re-opening.  I read each and every one of your suggestions and have made a plan to include at least one of your ideas. 

Here is the plan for the next three weeks……

W/C: 8th March

Asher wanted us to be able to make real rainbows so we are going to try the next best thing in classes this week – the children are going to make their own ‘Random Rainbows’ and display them on their class windows for you to see.  I am sure that they will put a smile on your face.

Sumayya told me how much she enjoys playing hide and seek so teachers are going to help the children to have a game at playtimes


Scootfit and a Cake Break Day


Finley’s Silly Hair Day – come to school with the craziest hair style you can think of and that your grown can do! (still school uniform please – party on the top, business at the bottom)

Also, we will be having Nathan and Rowan’s idea for Singing and Dancing together at assembly time and breaks in the playground (we will have to cross our fingers for good weather)

W/C: 15th March

Kobe came up with the smashing idea of a Basketball Bonanza so Mr Shingler is organising some games and activities for each class.

Scarlett and Aiza thought that a whole school picnic would be fun so, weather permitting we are going to head outside for a picnic lunch on the best day this week.  (If it is too cold or wet, we will postpone it to the week after)


Science Day – the whole school will be leaning about innovation in Science.  Please send your child to school in clothes that can get messy or dirty as they will be experimenting and we do not want to ruin uniforms.


Red Nose Day is a perfect day to make Rowan’s wishes come true and come to school in your own clothes – the only thing I would like to add, is, could you wear something, anything red?  If you have not got red clothes, a bobble or scarf would be great.  The theme for this years Red Nose Day is the power of humour so our children are going to come up with a class joke!  But a good joke needs to be told to be an audience – we have a surprise audience for the children….. wait and see.

W/C: 22nd March

Louis and Seb have got another challenge for Mr Shingler, as they said that they would like some football activities.  Mr Shingler is going to plan football skills and game day when he is in with different classes.

The most popular choice of all was a treasure/scavenger hunt so I have combined Esme, Khadijah, Ellie and Thea’s ideas together to create an Easter Egg Hunt.  I will challenge the children in each class to find all of the eggs to win a prize.  I wonder which class will find the most eggs???

Then Esther! Esther said she thought it would be great fun to have piñatas in each class – your wish was our command.  Each class will have piñata fun with treats and prizes.


As you know we postponed World Book Day so that children could celebrate in school with their friends so please come dressed as any character you have seen in a book, that you like.


To end this half term, we are fulfilling Mikaiah’s wish – a film with hot chocolate and popcorn.  Each class will have a relaxing end to a busy three weeks.

Thank you for your enthusiasm at the gates this morning and getting your children ready to come back to school.  Let’s keep working together to make our school the happy, vibrant place that the children deserve.

Very best wishes