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Thursday 4th March

Good morning everyone , I hope you are all ok. This is our last day of normal home learning activities as tomorrow we have our special rainbow day !  🌈

Have a go and see what you can do 😊


Here is another story about Handa and her friend Akeyo. Watch Miss Green’s video and see what happens to the friends this time.

Handa's Noisy Night

For your writing task today I would like you to write about a time when you had a sleep over. Whose house was it at ? What did you take with you? Did you have special food or treats ? What did you do? Did you sleep ok in a different bed? 

If you have never had a sleep over, you could write about who you would like to have a sleep over with and what you might do.

You could also say what animals you might hear making noises in the night . I don’t think you would hear a pangolin or bush baby in Streford, do you? You might hear a bat though.If you take a look at the science work for today you can learn about nocturnal animals in this country. Maybe you would hear a fox screeching or a hedgehog snuffling.Please send your writing, I would love to see it.

Word of the day      thought 


Maybe you could write a sentence like this:


Akeyo thought it was her dad snorting, but it was a bush pig.


Lesson 28 - Review oy boy ir bird aw claw


Today we are going to carry on with measuring length. We are going to be using different objects to find the length of something. In the first video it asks you to find objects for measuring with. This needs to be something the same size such as paper clips, pasta shapes, raisins, Lego pieces. You can then use these to measure how long a spoon, knife or fork is. Watch the video to find out more.

Spr1.8.4 - Measure length activity

Spr1.8.5 - Measure length


In Handa’s story the animals she heard were those that are active at night. These are called Nocturnal animals. Animals that are active in the day are called Diurnal.

Here is some information about nocturnal animals , including those in our country .

Nocturnal Animals (read aloud, storybook)

You can look at the PowerPoint and then do the sorting activity. If you don’t print out the cut and stick sheet , an alternative is to write a list of all the nocturnal animals you can remember.

Physical activity 
Have a go at some dancing with Mrs Murphy.

"Stay" Childrens' Dance Class HD 720p

Also , why not have a go at this fun , maths related dance.