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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Week 7 Week Beginning 11th October

Happy Saturday R2 Families!


It has been non-stop this week! We have enjoyed learning about our 5 senses, the different parts of our bodies and we have shared the story The Colour Monster to discuss all of the different feelings we have. We have been exploring pattern in maths, patterns in the environment and nature and also repeating patterns that have rules. They have really grasped this and I am proud of how well they have listened and understood. 


The children continue to enjoy snack and lunch times at school. Out door play time is also snack time and they they have milk, fruit and a biscuit to sustain them until lunch, followed by a good run around with the play ground equipment to burn some energy! Lunch times are going well and routines are now well established. Mrs Thompson often speaks of what a super class they are!


Next week we are have a mini topic- 'Harvest Time!' The children will learn about the important job that farmers have to provide us with healthy food. We are going to enjoy Harvest crafts and songs. In maths we are going to begin to really dig deep into number. We will be learning about the oneness of one, the twoness of two and the threeness of three! We will be building a firm foundation and understanding of number to prepare our little mathematicians for their maths learning and to hone their confidence in and love of maths.


In phonics we are continuing to build a bank of letter/sound correspondences to enable the children to develop their ability to segment and blend to read and to hear and recall the letter/sounds to enable them to write spell words. 



Thank you to everyone that is supporting their child by carrying out their phonics practise sheets at home and spending time reading with them. The children are already making really impressive, individual progress, so thank you for helping them to shine! 


It's really important that everyone gets on board, so please...

Write in your child's reading record EVERY TIME you read with them

Make sure your child's reading/phonics folder and its contents are in their bag EVERY DAY

Try your best to keep up with the weekly phonics practise sheets so that they are consolidating their learning of the weekly phonemes at home and so that the incomplete sheets don't build up 



Please write your child's name on every item of their property, including water bottles, book bags, uniform, hats, gloves. I have several jumpers in school from this week that are unnamed, so please let me know if you are missing anything

Please make sure that your child has a bottle of fresh water EVERYDAY. No juice or flavoured water please.

If your child has a WOW from home please remember to hand it to me at the gate. We don't go through book bags.


Marta is our medal super star this week! She has returned to school this week, taken everything in her stride and with a big smile upon her face! Well done Marta, we are proud of you!


In class we work as a team and team effort earns the children glass marbles for the class  marble jar. Our marble jar is nearly full! We are looking at a special treat on Friday of chocolate milk and cupcakes and a movie! Well done R2!


I hope that everyone has an awesome weekend, whatever you are up to. Here are some pictures of our lovely R2 having fun, enjoying their friends and their learning!


Take Care

Mrs Cook xxx