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**IMPORTANT** Please remember to apply suncream before your child comes to school and remember sun hats and water bottles.

Week 5 Week beginning 5th July

Hello Reception 2 Grown ups and Children 


Another busy week at R2 Headquarters! This week we stepped away from topic to have a week of sharing feelings. Myself and Miss H felt that this was the right thing to do as we have sensed some wobbly feelings amongst us! But it is all ok because we can chat and work things out together in R2! The children have talked about the things that they are looking forward to in Year 1 and they have talked about the things that have made them wobbly. 

We have associated out feelings with colours and shared the story. The Colour Monster. We shared the Mood Monster resources on Twinkl too. A BIG WHOOP and a well done to Kian and Richard for being our medal winning superstars this week!

Throughout Summer 2 the children have been working hard at creating a dance sequence with Mrs Murphy in their dance lesson. Mrs Murphy really wanted you to know that all of this dance was created by the children and contains all of their own ideas! There are videos below of 6 groups carrying out their dances. Look out for your little person! 

We have a VERY busy week ahead next week! It tires me out just thinking about it!

Here are some gorgeous pictures of your gorgeous children!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Enjoy the footie!

Mrs Cook 


Group One Dance Sequence

IMG 7200

Group 2 Dance Sequence

IMG 7201

Group 3 Dance Sequence

IMG 7201

Group 3 Dance Sequence

IMG 7199

Group 4 Dance Sequence

IMG 7202

Group 5 Dance Sequence

IMG 7203

Group 6 Dance Sequence