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Week 3

Hello Reception 2 Families

Mrs Riley and Miss Saldawala have been at the helm this week and doing an amazing job. This wouldn't be possible without the children being the super stars that they are. laugh

Mrs Howarth kindly brought some frog spawn into reception a couple of weeks ago for the children to observe. They have been fascinated by their growth and development and in best EYFS practise, we have moved away from our topic in order to follow their interests and respond to their curiosities. The children have learnt about frog life cycles, watched videos, shared fiction and non-fiction texts about frogs. Well done children!

The children have also tried hard to develop their ball skills in football, learnt about 'oa' (as in croak) and 'oo' (as in good) in Floppy's Phonics whilst following their own interests in indoor and outdoor continuous provision.

A lovely time was had at the VPIS King's Coronation celebrations laugh The children found out about the meaning behind this historical event and enjoyed dancing and yummy treats in true VPIS style! (photos from our royal photographer, Mrs Spooner, to follow!)

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend everyone!

x x x