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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Week beginning 22nd June 2020

Hello Reception Families!

Welcome to this Week's English!


Ok bananas! Thinking caps on!

Have a good think about this...

'It's ok to be different'


Share this awesome book with your grown ups and whilst you are doing that think about what makes you differentheart


You are going to write a List Poem!

When you have shared the book you can print off the special paper to write a very special list poem. The paper isn't essential though, you can use any paper!

Remember how to write a list...

  • Start at the beginning of the line on the left side of the page  
  • Each thing that you write goes one underneath the other
  • The items on a list are usually summed up with few words-short and punchy
  • In your list poem start each line with 'I am' or 'I can' or similar-this gives your poem a lovely rhythm
  • It doesn't have to rhyme


This is a very special list poem that is all about...


On each line write something that makes you different. We are all different and what makes us us! That's what makes us all special! 

This is an example of Mrs Cook's list poem 

I am small (that's ok!)

I am curly

I wear glasses

I am a bit daft!

I am smiley

I am kind

I love books

Have fun writing your poem children!




A shout out to the grown ups!!!

I hope that you have all found and looked at the extra guidance, resources and support that was shared  here on the school class pages last week. There is so much in there for you to explore with regards home reading.

It is so hard for you parents and carers not having access to reading books as that's our normal means of reading with our children! However, covid has scuppered that so we all need to develop the children's reading skills with on line resources. If you have run out of ebooks and need new places to venture to fine them then please let me know by email and I will do research for you. 

As you know, reading practise must incorporate the honing of the children's understanding and comprehension skills and this runs alongside their technical ability to decode and recognise words. 

It's with this, that each week I am going to put lots of reading comprehension opportunities here on the English class page. You don't have to print them out. Just allow your child to read them on the screen and then ask them the questions that follow.

There are some that require printing as these give instructions to colour an object in or draw something and the instructions themselves are the understanding/comprehension practise. 

Some of them are really easy but they are still effective in allowing your child to independently hone their ability to think of what they have read by answering questions or following instructions. 

Here are some to get busy with this week...

These reading comprehensions offer more challenge. They are differentiated *. **. ***. * being the least challenging. You know your child. Don't worry about printing them out, Just read them on the screen and verbally discuss the questions and answers. If you are in a position to then print out the question for your child to practise writing their answers.