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Thursday 14.1.21

Happy Thursday!






Today I would like you to practise using apostrophes in words to show where a letter/letters are missing. These words are called contractions.


Watch the Bitesize clip below and complete the activities.




You have all been working so hard with your multiplication work and I hope that some of you tried the extra challenge I included yesterday. Today we are going to be identifying that multiplication is commutative (being able to move numbers around in a calculation)- watch the clip below which gives a great introduction to today's work.


Now complete the activities set on The Oak Academy.


If you would like a further extension on multiplication please click on the link below-




Today we are going to be creating sculptures by twisting materials. Following on from Mrs Hart's science lesson I would like you to find as many different materials that you can use for your sculpture today- so you could use paper, card, tin foil, baking paper,  and straws. Watch the video below-