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** On the occasion of Queen Elizabeth's funeral on Monday 19th September 2022, School will be closed as part of the National Bank Holiday. School will reopen on Tuesday 20th September 2022 as normal ** As we are using Email to communicate information home, can ALL Parents please ensure that we are kept up to date with email addresses, we would hate you to miss out on important information ** Please ensure any changes of mobile phone numbers for Parents or emergency contacts are passed on to the School Office **

Week beginning 30th March 2020

It's the Easter Holidays!

Dear Children and Grown Ups

We hope that you are keeping well and are looking after one another heart It's very important that we all remember these important things to keep happy...


  • Having a lovely rest and  lots of cuddles
  • Physical exercise
  • Helping out at home and being extra specially kind to one another
  • LOADS of playing and fun! 
  • Using your super creative skills
  • Setting your imagination freeeeeeeeeee!
  • Reading with and to your family members and also making up, writing and telling stories
  • Singing and dancing
  • Being Science investigators
  • Eating good grub to keep you strong and healthy


We would love to share some of the brilliant resources that we have discovered for you to try at home...

Out of the Ark Music

'I've Got A Cardboard Box' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home (Words on Screen Lyric Video)

Out of the Ark is an amazing resource that will bring you a daily cheery song, usually with movement/actions along with resources. Here is an example of one of the songs you will find! Enjoy! Singing is proven to raise your spirits folks! :)

Search for an on-line resource called GoNoodle. You'll find lots of videos for guided dances, mindfulness, yoga and daft physical fun. Have a nosy for the best dances to suit the age and ability of your child. In class we have especially enjoyed Maximo and Moose TV. You'll love it!

Here's a link to a great table of activities to tackle 

'20 screen free activities for home learning ages 3-5'


We'll leave you with a fun 'around the house' scavenger hunt to enjoy...


Don't forget to keep smiling and to look after yourselves

Lots of love from

Mrs Cook Mrs Spooner Mis Hodgeson Miss Edwards and Mrs Khan