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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Week 6

Hello R2 Families smiley

This week the children have been very interested to learn about how they can do their bit in caring for the planet. The book 'Dear Earth' was a great spring board for our class chats about the subject. We have written a letter to the Earth promising to make a difference. heart


In maths the children got out side and we looked around us to compare how things compare in height. We discovered how very tall the tress are in and around the school and spotted the very tall Streford Tower in the distance! Each of the children were measured on a height chart too which generated lots of excitement and interest.


We've also been learning how to order the days of the week and used a lovely song to help us along. We've explored an analogue clock and o'clock times and Mrs Riley and the children enjoyed talking about what a second, a minute and an hour feel like by sharing different scenarios and how long each lasts. 


After the half term break we will continue our 'What a Wonderful World' topic and learn about plants, minibeasts (insects) and the life cycle of a butterfly. The spring 2 half term takes in Shrove Tuesday, Mothering Sunday, Ramadan, World Book day  and Easter too, so there's so much learning and fun things to look forward to!

Perhaps you could take a walk around a park in the holidays and investigate the seasonal changes that are taking place?!


Myself and Mrs Riley wish you a very well earned break from school and we look forward to seeing you all soon.


Take Care

Mrs Cook x x x