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Thursday 4.3.21

It's Thursday!!

Not long to go now before we are all back together!


Introduction 4th March


This week we are going to carry on learning about riddles. There are more riddles to guess below before you complete the riddle challenge. Two riddles have got mixed up, one is for  a brown bear and one is for an ape.  Can you sort them out and decide which clues belong to each? You don't have to write anything down, just talk about it with a grown up.

Use the riddle features from last week to help you to order the clues. Which should be first or last?

Now, I would like you to have a go at writing your own riddle. Look at the  powerpoint below and find out what you have to do! You could print off the planning sheet or just talk about your ideas with your grown up. It might hep you to decide what to include.

Write your riddle in your yellow book. Can you draw a picture of your animal? You could cover it up with a piece of paper so that the reader can't see it. Remember to use the features of a riddle list above to help you.

I would love to read them. Can you email them to me and see if I can guess the answer?


For your maths today I want you to warm up with this game. Click on the link and choose, 'up to 20 1 less' and 'up to 20 -1' to play. 

For the main part of your lesson, you are going to continue practising your subtraction skills by playing another game. Click on the link below and choose level 3 and level 4 to play. Can you challenge yourself to complete the games in fast mode?
Now I would like you to have a go at the maths mosaic sheets below. You can choose which sheet to complete. There are a mixture of addition and subtraction questions. When you have finished, if you have coloured each square correctly, you should be able to see a picture. Can you tell what it is?


It's the last one! I hope you enjoy it.

"Stay" Childrens' Dance Class HD 720p

Today's challenge!

Today, to complete the challenge you will need some tinfoil, some coins, and a bowl of water. I want you to make a boat that floats using the tinfoil. You can test it in a bowl of water or in the sink perhaps. Once you know it floats, I want you to see how many coins it will hold. 

Perhaps you could have a competition with someone else in your family to see who can make a boat first. Or whose boat holds the most coins. Good luck and have fun! 

If you look at the photographs below, you can see the boat I made.

My boat floated! I managed to put 13 five pence coins in my boat before it sank. How many coins did your boat hold? 

I would love to see how you get on with the challenge and of course your English and Maths  work today. Please ask your grown up to email it to me, if they can. Keep working hard. I hope you enjoy your learning today.