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Moo On The Farm

Literacy - Letters and Sounds
Phase one Letters and Sounds - Environmental Sounds.
Find out how the farm animals keep warm in the winter.
See if you can make animal sounds just like in the book.
What sounds can you hear around you?

Feed the birds

Understanding of the World
Feeding the birds on the canal was fun!
Their were many many birds - too many to count and they were very hungry.
Listen to all those bird sound. Can You make some of the birds sounds?
On the canal the birds were very hungry.
I saw geese, white gulls, pigeons and many more different birds when I went for my walk.


Let's do some counting.

Counting birds on the canal

Count the birds

How any geese are swimming to me

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Old MacDonald Had A Farm Nursery Rhymes | Farm Song For Kids By Boom Buddies

Hey Kids! Welcome to the wonderful world of Boom Buddies. Today on Boom Buddies we have Old MacDonald Had A Farm which is a super fun nursery rhyme which all...
Sing along and make more animal sounds

Animals And Their Homes

Literacy - drawing and mark-making

Can you draw a picture of your favourite animal?

First write your name on your paper on the top left hand corner.

Try to write about your picture.  Please scribe for your child so that they can see the correct letter formation for what they have tried to write.

My favourite animal is a cat. 

My cat is called Sasha she is a scaredy-cat.  She is scared of everything; she is even scared to go outside.  She likes to sleep on a warm bed.



Sasha likes a cosy bed to sleep on

Puffin Peter

What happens when Peter's best friend goes missing?
Listen to Miss Brown read Puffin Peter by Petr Horacek