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Week beginning 6th July 2020

Welcome to this week's Phonics!


This week we are going to talk about the last vowel digraph and its family. This a special vowel sound because has a long sound  as in food and a short sound  as in look.






Long /oo/ Sound - Phonics by TurtleDiary

A perfect video for kids to learn the "long oo sound". Kids will learn words that contain the long oo sound, thus building their vocabulary, pronunciation an...


Here are the different ways of spelling the long oo sound

Short /oo/ Sound - Phonics by TurtleDairy

An ideal video for kids to learn the "short oo sound". Kids will be introduced to lots of words that contain the short oo sound.


Here are the different ways of spelling the short oo

Spelling Patterns | "oo", "ew", "u", "ue", "u_e" | My Growing Brain

Explore different spellings for the long  OO

short 'oo' story, Good Cook and Monkeys

Explore different ways of spelling short oo

Play this dice game to explore the long oo and the short oo digraphs




Ask your child to give you short oo words. When they give them to you write them onto this table. If you can't print the table then make one with pen and paper.


Do the same with this table to sort long 00 spellings.


u-e split digraph - Mr Thorne Does Phonics

The split vowel digraphs are always the trickiest! Here is a video to explore u-e words.