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Friday 8th January

Good morning Reception 2 families and welcome to Friday's Learning laugh

Today's Literacy



Click the link below to find all the Jolly Phonics songs and actions for all of the phonemes that we have learnt. Ask your child to look at the letters that represent the phoneme whilst saying the sound to help them to practise securing that letter/sound correspondence.

Let's recap some of the digraphs (2 letters representing 1 sound) that we have learnt to help us to remember them! 

Play the sorting game-just click the link below...


Friday's Maths


We will continue to look at missing numbers in maths todays. Please follow the link to play the missing numbers game!

You can create number tracks with missing numbers for your child or you can use the following missing number worksheets to help practise. The children are all at different stages with their mathematical ability, as in all areas of development. The following worksheets are differentiated (differing ability levels).

Friday's Topic Work




How would you like to do some real science Reception 2? 

Can you make ice grow?

Your grown ups will help you to read and follow the instructions.

You'll be amazed by what you discover! 

Just open up the doc below...


Make Ice Grow!

Friday's Physical Challenge


This physical challenge needs your hands and a pair of scissors!

Can you cut out the crocodile's teeth and place them back into his mouth?!



I hope that you have all got off to a great start with your home learning Reception 2 families. Please send your pictures for us to share here on the website.


Mrs Cook x