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Week 3

Thanks for a lovely week everyone!


We have talked a lot about kindness this week as part of Anti-Bullying Week. In Drawing Club we use animations as well as books to explore narratives and this week we shared this lovely animation...

Colour Your World With Kindness

The animation was very thought provoking, it generated lots of discussion and it led to some fabulous drawing when it was the children's turn in DC!


This week in maths we have explored the properties of circles and triangles. We looked at the art of Kandinsky and experimented with his abstract style. We arranged different sized circles and triangles and the children loved using rulers! Can you spot the genuine Kandinsky?!







We had a super run around in the big play ground this morning, taking advantage of some seemingly rare autumn sunshine. The children loved trying their hand at basketball and loved playing 'What Time Is It Mr Wolf?'

I leave you with some happy sunny pictures heart


Enjoy your weekend everyone 

Mrs Cook x x x x