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Hello Reception 2 and welcome to a new week of home learning (and hopefully our last ever!)

Have you enjoyed your weekend? Yes! Oh, good stuff!

This week, as part of our Spring is Coming topic we are going to learn about…




Each day, we will find out about a certain minibeast through a story.


Literacy/Topic Activities


Mrs Cook will read the story of THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR to you…


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Caterpillars are awesome little creatures aren’t they?! Let’s watch this video that tells us all about the life cycle of a caterpillar.

The Life Cycle Of A Butterfly

Can you cut, order and stick the pictures into the correct order to show the life cycle of a butterfly? A link to the print off is below the picture.


Play The Very Hungry Caterpillar I spy!


It’s time to get crafty!


Can you make a caterpillar like the one in the story by making a paperchain? If you have no red and green paper perhaps you could colour some white strips of paper green and red? Here are a few ideas of what he might look like…





Monday’s Phonics Activities


Practise recognising the Phase 3 digraphs and reading the words

Complete the 'igh' words. Use the pictures to help you and write them on a list on paper or with a whiteboard.


Have a think and a good practise at reading words with ‘igh’

Phonics: The 'igh' sound

Join in with the ‘igh’ song

Can you find the Phase 2 Tricky Words in the story? Find them and write them in a list.

Monday’s Maths Activity


Our maths this week is going to be driven each day by the story of the day!

Sing the days of the week song to warm up!

Days of the Week Song

If you can, print off the days of the week, mix them up and see if your little person can place then into the correct order. They can use a familiar days of the week song to help them or you could listen to the story again to remind them. If you have no printer, you could create some days of the week cards.


Monday’s Physical Challenge


Cosmic Kids are going to take you on a story journey. Can you guess what the story is?!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

It is time for a story from Miss Hodgson. She chose this story especially for you because she thought it was lovely. I’m sure you’ll agree!



That’s all folks. Thanks for trying hard with your learning. I will see you all tomorrow, when we find out about another minibeast with another lovely story!


Mrs Cook x