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Week beginning 18th May 2020

Our literacy work this week will be based around Grace Darling. First we would like you to watch the BBC clip which shows why Grace Darling became so famous.


What an amazing story and how brave she was! Once you have watched the clip see if you can answer some of these questions to a grown-up or perhaps write them down.


  • Who was Grace Darling?
  • What was Grace Darling's everyday life like?
  • What did she do to become famous?
  • Why do we remember Grace Darling?
  • What can we learn from Grace Darling's example?


If you need to read any further information here is a powerpoint -







Now that you know lots about Grace Darling we would like you to take part in some drama by reenacting the dramatic rescue Grace and her father were involved in. Perhaps you could be Grace/Mr Darling and your grown-up could be clinging to the rocks! What will you shout to your grown-up as you brave the fierce waves to save them? How will your face look? Will the dramatic scene look scary or happy if you performed it to an audience? Think about your face, body, and how you will be saying things in your dramatic piece-will your voice be soft and gentle or loud and clear?


Imagine that you are Grace Darling or her father in this picture. How would you act out this scene (back in the lighthouse, after the rescue), how would it be different to this first piece you performed? Let your imagination go wild- an ironing basket could be your boat! A kitchen roll could be the lighthouse in the distance! Have fun!