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Summer 2

Week 7


Well that's it! A whole year of nursery done! What a year it has been. I have loved every minute-even with wet feet, mud on my clothes and snot wiped on my jumper. What a joy! 


From all of the staff in Nursery we would like to say a huge thank you for the kind gifts we received. It is never expected but always appreciated. You are all very kind. 


Have a lovely summer x

Week 6


We had an amazing time at the farm this week. It was such a valuable experience for our smallest people in school! I was so proud of the children- their behaviour was exemplary. We took lots of photos to show you some of the things we got up to...


************Summer 2 Newsletter- please read************

Week 5


The children have had an exciting week where they have met their new teachers and explored their new classrooms. I have also been pleased to hear that the children who are not moving to our Reception have visited their schools and had lots of fun!

*The morning children will be having their transition session this week.

If you get chance this week, take a look at our new art display. The children loved creating their own Frida Kahlo inspired work. 

Week 4


Our new text this week has been Farmyard Hullabaloo. This is a story about a very noisy farmyard, where lots of different animals live. The children have enjoyed recreating the sounds that the different animals make.


In our role play area we have had a Farmer's Market- we have been busy selling fresh fruit and vegetables. The children have had to keep the shop tidy and presentable just in case the shop inspector arrives. 


On Thursday the children were able to make their own snack. They could choose from toast with butter, jam or banana- although we had some very nice alternatives such as a jam and banana sandwich! The children were very independent- putting the bread in the toaster, spreading the topping and cutting the slices in half. Well done Nursery!


Week 3


In Nursery this week we have been continuing to enjoy the text "What the Ladybird Heard". We had  a very fun game of Chinese Whispers- whispering just like the Ladybird did in the story.


We have been practising the skill of subitising, where we don't count but see the amount!Here is a fun game, using Numberblocks, to help with this.


In our fine motor sessions we have been using whiteboards and pens to practise handwriting patterns. The children have worked so hard all year to develop their fine motor skills through sessions such as Dough Disco- it has really helped to hold mark-making equipment and other small items. 




We were very lucky to have some lovely students this week who helped with some extra activities such as painting/oil pastel sunflowers in the creative area. 



Week 2


We have had a lovely week, enjoying the sunshine and a few showers! The children have been busy in the beach hut, enjoying barbeques and relaxing in the sun. It has been great to see such collaborative play and amazing language used.


We have working our gross motor skills by aiming koosh balls into hoops of varying sizes.


In maths we have been busy organising a farmyard by adding one more or one less animal into the different pens/fields. We are working hard on number recognition and thinking about what different amounts look like (subitising).


The afternoon children, alongside our full-time children, got to participate in a gymnastics session in the hall with our coaches. They really enjoyed themselves!