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Week beginning 27th April 2020

Welcome to week 3 of English peeps big and small!


As we all know, stories are a super way of setting our imagination free! However, just like last week's story 'Yukky Worms', they are also a great way of discovering facts too! Follow the link, share and enjoy the ebook story 'The Cautious Caterpillar'. Whilst listening think about how caterpillars grow, change and survive and hold on to those facts in your clever brains!

Here are some writing frames for you to print and use to retell the story or write caterpillar facts upon!

Here is a different writing frame for you to write about The Cautious Caterpillar, you can add your own art work to go with this one!

Now it is really time to use both your imagination combined with what you have learnt about different minibeasts in 'The Cautious Caterpillar'! Write about what you would do if you were a certain minibeast!

Last week you learnt how to make a folded book from a piece of a4 paper. Do you remember? Yes? Good! No? Look at last week's youtube tutorial for a recap. 

Now then. When you have made your blank book watch this information powerpoint which contains loads of super interesting facts. Once you have found out lots of cool things about caterpillars then maybe you could create a caterpillar fact book. Go for it!