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Monday 18th January

Hello and welcome to another fantastic week of learning 1G. I am so pleased with the children who have emailed me and shown me what you have been doing at home. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see you tomorrow on our zoom call.

Are we all ready to learn today? Well let's get started!smiley



Today we are going to carry on with our handwriting, doing the one-armed robot letters.

handwriting r family



We are going to carry on learning about our vowel sounds. Today’s lesson is all about the u-e sound.

Lesson 49 - Year 1


Maths and Topic

Today’s maths lesson is going to be combined with our topic lesson using beebots (programmable toy using an algorithm). First go through the power point as a warm-up. This will recap the learning you did last week about position and turning and remind you of some of the words we used.

Next the lesson from Oak Academy explains what an algorithm is and how you can write one. You will need a pencil and paper for this lesson. Please don’t worry when writing the algorithm you can make the instructions shorter by using symbols for instance, go forwards 3 = F3; turn right = R. it is best to write each new instruction on a new line.

Now you can practise programming the beebot using the algorithms to make it move to the different alphabet letters on the mat. Mrs O'Connell will explain more on the first video.

Now, can you programme the Beebot to make it move and spell these words?




and even try you own name!


You can do it in small steps like Mrs O'Connell did or you could try and see if you are clever enough to write a longer algorithm and make it spell the word all in one go (it might help you to write the different steps of the algorithm like you did in your maths lesson, if you are doing it this way). Good Luck!


Please email me your maths problem solving sheet and let me know how you got on with your beebot worksmiley.


Keeping active

Are you ready to get moving? Can you copy the movements on this wiggle dance? Why not see if your grown-up’s will join in as well!

Get Ready to Wiggle

Mr Shingler has also set you some at home challenges. You will need some tin cans to help you!

Mr Shingler's PE challenge


I hope you’ve had fun today and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Love Miss Green