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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Thursday 4th March

Good morning and happy Thursday everybody. This will hopefully be our last day of home learning, as tomorrow will be Rainbow Day.

Let’s get started with today’s learning.



Today we are going to find out about what happens to our rubbish and how we can sort our rubbish according to what material it is made from, and then it can be recycled in to the correct bins. First of all, I would like you to watch the videos attached.

After watching the videos, I want you to have a look at the pictures below and decide which recycling bin they need to go in. Paper and card, cans, tins & glass or food and garden waste.

Write a list of objects that you have sorted for each of the recycling bins. Remember to form your letters correctly.

What happens to our rubbish? | BBC Teach

Two aliens discover that we are making similar mistakes to ones made back on their ruined home planet, their mission: to discover how we can all learn to car...

Sorting materials to be recycled | BBC Teach

Recycling is very important.The earth needs everyone to recycle as much as they can, but which materials can be recycled?Dr Brain explains how we can identif...


Play the Alien Escape game. Before you start the game you can choose to use phase 2 or phase 3 sounds, whichever is most suitable for your child.

Watch, enjoy and join in with the Tricky Word Rap Phase 3 part 2

The Tricky Words Song - Phase 3 Phonics (Part 2)!

We're back with another tricky words song to help you learn phase 3 tricky words at home! Check out our FREE phonics blog for more great help with phonics an...


Firstly, to warm up your maths brains, I would like you to choose a couple of activities from the PowerPoint for your child to complete.

Once you have done that I would like you to complete the one more and one less sheet. You are to choose numbers between 1-10 or 1-20, (choose which is most suitable for your child) and write the number in the star. Then your child needs to write the number that is one less than the number in the star and then write the number that is one more than the number in the star.

I have added the link if you want to print it out.


Time to get your bodies moving now. Join in and enjoy The Body Boogie dance

Brain Breaks - Action Songs for Kids - Body Boogie Dance - Kids Dance Songs by The Learning Station

Our popular children's brain breaks, dance song, "Body Boogie" from our award-winning CD, Get Funky and Musical Fun. Get Funky and Musical Fun CD Download: h...

Well done for being fantastic as always. Enjoy the rest of your day and keep smiling.

Take care

Mrs Spooner x