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Week beginning 13th July 2020

This week in English we thought we would have some fun with riddles! We have lots for you to read and try to guess the answer to. Then we are going to ask you to have a go at writing your own.


Here’s one to start with:

I'm a soft and furry pet.

I have four legs and a long tail. 

I have sharp teeth and claws.

I like to chase mice.

What am I?


Did you guess it! (A cat of course). Now think about these things. Talk about them with a grown up. Can you spot the question in the riddle? Is it at the beginning or the end? What do you notice about each sentence? Which clue gave it away?   Why?                                                    


Hopefully, you have noticed that in a riddle, each ‘clue’ or sentence starts on a new line. The question comes at the end of the riddle. You have to leave the easiest clue until last because you don’t want to give the answer away right at the start! The PowerPoints below will help you to practise writing riddles. At the end you can write your own riddle about a pet. You could use the one you chose from last week or a different one.

There are also some more riddles for you to solve about animals. These might help to give you ideas for your own.

We hope that you have fun writing them.



We are trying to revise spelling, punctuation and grammar from throughout the year. Have a go at the activities below and see how much you can remember!


Some words that you might want to practise ready for KS2!