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Tuesday 9/2

Good Morning 2F today we are going to start with our maths. We are going to look at some patterns in maths and although this may seem very easy to start with some of the questions may trick you!


I would also like you to remind yourself of sides and vertices in 2D shapes. The words are always tricky to remember. Have fun!  
Have a look at Education city there are some shape games and some symmetry games for you to try. 


a) Phonic sound of the day

Try reading the "tion" words

b) Practice your handwriting today.

Look at the letters that go taller and those that go under the line.

Try the cursive style sheet 1.    


Today we are going to find out about Inuits. These are people who live in the polar regions and often called eskimos.

I really enjoy learning about the Inuits and their lifestyles. They live very different lives to us in Stretford. Let's have a think about how we are different. What clothes do they wear? What do they eat? Where do they live?


Explore and read the Inuit powerpoint

Can you write 3/4/5 sentences about Inuits?

We will be looking at these again tomorrow and improving our sentences.  

Can you cut out the clothes and dress up the Inuit?

Finish the day by watching the story of the Inuits