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Weeks beginning 13th & 20th July 2020

Phonics Learning Page 

On this page I would like to provide you with resources that will hone your child's Phase 2 3 4 phonics learning. It will give you something to dip into over the summer to help prepare them for Year One. 


Keep returning to consolidating their sight/sounds recognition of the Phase 2 & 3 phonemes

These Phase 4 consonant blends can be tricky to say/formulating the sounds when they are blended. It would be worthwhile returning to them. It helps children who still segment and blend to read the blends i.e. spl as one sound rather than s p l, this in turn makes their reading more fluent. 


Even if your child secured these Phase 2-5 Tricky Words ages ago, it would help them if they practised them to keep them secure. Remember these are sight words that can't be decoded using phonics. 

Practise writing them also using the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check strategy. Again, remembering them as a whole word is the trick as they can't use phonics to spell them.

This will help with breaking up polysyllabic (longer) words.


These Powerpoints are brilliant. Each is in Phases 2 3 4 and have loads of little activities for your child to do on screen. All that is needed is a white board and whiteboard pen or pencil and paper. 




These Powerpoints games, in which the children need to use their Phase 2 3 4 knowledge to read the question and say whether the answer is yes or no, practise reading for meaning. The Phase 2 yes no game is in flash cards.
Putting phonics writing skills into action! These creative writing prompts are great!