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Week beginning 29th June 2020

Welcome to our English page!

This week our mini topic is

'Children of the World'



I found so many lovely stories all about children from around the world that I couldn't choose! So, there are a few stories to share this week but that's not such a bad thing is it?!


Mrs. Pharr's Leadership class reads Children Around The World by Donata Montanari

The Barefoot Book of Children

A reading by Kristina Jensen, Independent Barefoot Ambassador. Find out more or buy the book here: Explore more Barefoot Books...

Whoever You Are - Diversity Book Read Aloud

This story book introduces children about diversity. There are children all over the world who live in different houses and speak different languages but the...

ALL KINDS OF CHILDREN 🌎 DIVERSE CULTURE story book for kids MULTICULTURAL follow along reading book

All Kinds of Children by Norma Simon 🌎 Diverse culture story book for kids. 📚 Book Summary: There are many differences among people and cultures, but no matt...

This a more factual PowerPoint about families from around the world. Share it and discuss how the different countries compare to where you live and how the people's lives are different to yours.

I hope you enjoyed the books and the presentation! The world is a big place isn't it? What places have you visited? What place would you like to visit? Imagine you are a child living in another part of the world. Choose a place that you know or would like to know more about after sharing the books. Pretend that you live there and you are sending a postcard to a child here in the UK telling them what it is like there. You may like to gather some facts about a child's life in a certain country and create a fact file or a fact book in a folded book. Somethings to write about could be...

  • The weather there
  • The food eaten there
  • The clothes worn there
  • What a home looks like
  • The things children do for fun
  • How you say 'Hello' in that place or maybe other words from the language
  • What the town, city, village looks like and what you'd see there
  • People's jobs there
  • Comparing things that are the same and different to where you live


  • You could make a mini folded fact book about a country or a child's life that has captured your interest. Below you'll find a folded book template (but you don't need a fancy template, just use paper to make a book with a few pages for you to write in) 
  • There is also a postcard template (but you can make one of these yourself too)
  • There is a blank fact file template to use if you like.