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**IMPORTANT** Please remember to apply suncream before your child comes to school and remember sun hats and water bottles.



Hello Reception 2 Families and welcome to Friday’s Home Learning! I hope everyone is feeling good today. X

Friday’s Literacy Work


Yesterday we watched and listened to an short film about a head strong little Inuit girl. Today we are going to watch an animation about a very curious little Inuit boy who lands himself in danger in the cold Arctic. EEEEEEK!!!!


Watch the film and then have a good chat about the film afterwards and see if you have remembered the story to be able to answer the questions below.

CGI Animated Shorts : "Tuurngait" - by The Tuurngait Team | TheCGBros

Watch this fantastic CGI Animated short film by the talented Tuurngait Team! An Inuit child wanders away from his village, fascinated by a wild bird.


What type of animal did the boy follow?

What was the little boy’s daddy making in his workshop?

The little boy wandered off and discovered a snow cave. Can you describe what it was like?

The boy seemed to be in danger – what happened?

Two other Arctic animals appeared – what animals were they?

Do you think that it all really happened? How do you know?

Was the boy safe in the end?

Do you think he’ll ever wander off away from his home and his daddy again? Did he learn a lesson?


Practise all of the Phase 2 and 3 phonemes first of all by joining in with our Jolly Phonics video

Practise sounding out and blending ‘ai’ words by following the video…

Phonics ai sound | ai digraph | 2 letter blends | sing, say, find and read the ai sound in words

Practise sounding out and blending ‘ee’ words by following the video…

Phonics ee sound | ee digraph | 2 letter blends | sing, say, find and read the ee sound in words

Now practise writing ‘ai’ words. Look at each picture, say the word and then write it. Remember to say the word slowly, stretch it and listen for the beginning, middle and final sounds. Grown ups your child may benefit from having a Phase 2 and a Phase 3 sound mat to hand. There is one on the screen below if you don’t have one to hand.


Now practise writing ‘ee’ words. Look at each picture, say the word and then write it.





Now for some Tricky word practise. Let us focus on the Phase 3 Tricky word set today. First practise reading them – follow the Powerpoint, the link is below…



Now practise spelling them using…


You can either look at each word on the Phase 3 Tricky Word mat below using a pen and paper or a white board and pen or you can print of the sheets using the link below.




Friday’s Maths Work


Let’s warm up our maths brains! Join me, Mrs Cook in this short video...

Friday's Maths Warm Up

Still image for this video

Next, we are going to have a good think about these shapes and their special properties. This means the things that make a square a square, a circle a circle, a triangle a triangle and a rectangle a rectangle! Watch the video and play the game with me, Mrs Cook!



Still image for this video

If you have the time, why not have a bit of number formation practise?

You can write numbers in yellow for your child to trace, you can write a number at the start of the line for your child to copy and write to the end of the line or you can print of these practise sheets. The link is below...

In the animation that we watched earlier, do you remember seeing this?



We are going to find out what the boy's stone sculpture is and what it means...



Could you go out into the garden, or maybe on your daily walk and find some stones and make a sculpture like this? You don't have to glue it on paper , it's up to you! Have fun!


These 2 little Inuit girls enjoy singing but it isn't just any ordinary singing! They are Inuit throat singing! Watch the video. In it they throat sing together and try not to make each other laugh! I wonder if you can Inuit throat sing with a member of your family and try to make each other laugh! Good luck!

Throat Singing

Friday's Physical Challenge


Mr Shingler is back! Join him, following his moves and wake and shake your body up!

Mr Shingler's Wake up shake up 10

Today we are going to explore feeling angry...


I hope that you are not feeling angry? However you feel, here is a lovely guided meditation for you to sit or lie down, close your eyes and relax to...

Mindfulness Meditation for Kids - 5 Minutes Guided Meditation for Children

Boys and girls and grown ups...I'm very excited to introduce to you a book that I am going to be reading to you. It is a story that was written a long time ago and it was read to me when I was a little girl. So that is why I am really giddy about reading it to you! It is a chapter book, so I will be reading one chapter every day at the end of your home learning activities. In this first video, I will be introducing you to the book. I hope that you enjoy it! 

Mrs Cook heart


Still image for this video