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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Friday 14.5.21

The Zoom today will be at 10 a.m today and the afternoon one will be at 2.00p.m. Mrs Walkden is going to host Friday assembly with you and later in the afternoon she wants you to come ready to show your facts about Grace Darling. You still need to log on to my personal room link, but it will be Mrs Walkden that pops up today!


Today I would like you to do your history work first- this is so you have enough time to get some facts ready for Mrs Walkden.



Today I would like you to complete a reading comprehension. There are three different levels and I would like you to pick one that challenges you.


Today you are going to be learning about how to find and recognise thirds (1/3). Look at the videos and then complete the worksheets. If this one is too tricky, try the cutting and sticking one instead.



For an extra challenge, you could try a task from the activity cards. But you do not have to do this!



Watch the video below and then write down as many facts that you have learnt. Perhaps you could design a poster to show why Grace Darling was, and still is, famous. You could create a painting of her rescue or even write a poem. Don't forget that Mrs Walkden wants to see your work at the afternoon Zoom meeting. I have also uploaded a word mat to help you.