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Weeks beginning 13th & 20th July 2020

At the end of the Reception Year this is what we hope the children will be able to do in maths. Obviously, a large part of the year has been missed but this will give you an idea of what your child is aiming for. Please be reassured that everyone will catch up in time. 


Early Learning Goals - Shape, Space and Measure



Early Learning Goals - Number



Please find below a range of practise activities for your child to carry out at home...

Summer themed maths activities...
Nrich is an amazing resource which will provide you with a wealth of activities, many of which are practical and not paper based, to practise your child's maths skills over the summer to help prepare them for Year One. 
White Rose maths is another amazing resource that will give you insight to the mathematical skills that are acquired in Reception. Check it out for ideas for how to work with your child over the summer to help prepare them for Year One.