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Those cheeky little monkeys are teasing Mr Alligator. Watch out monkeys!
Count monkeys together.
How many monkeys are there altogether?
Count down as Mr Alligator catches the monkeys

Understanding of the World

Yesterday we played with the zoo and  zoo animals. 

Today can you find any farm animals?

In the nursery we have a duplo farm and lots of different types of farm animals.

In the winter, on a cold day the animals need to keep warm with extra straw or they may be kept in the barn where it is warmer.

See if you can find some farm animals in your house. 

Can you use bricks or blocks to make shelters for the animals so that they can keep warm in winter.

How many farm animals can you find?

How many sheep, pigs, horses - what animal do you have the most of?


Can you make shelters for your farm animals perhaps using duplo lego, wooden blocks or junk boxes

Literacy - Writing

Try to write labels to go on the your farm.

Perhaps you could make a list of all the animals that you find in your house.

Praise all your child's attempts to write

Scribe for your child so that the correct letter formation can be seen


Old MacDonald Had a Farm Nursery Rhyme with Lyrics - Popular Nursery Rhymes and Songs for Children

Sing along to Old MacDonald

A Squash and a Squeeze

Mrs Howarth recorded this story during our last lockdown. I hope you enjoy it