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Week 2 Week Beginning 14th June

The Thank You Song

Hello Reception 2 grown ups and children


The little song above is to thank you for your wonderful little people. They have done our lovely school proud this week. heartIt is to say thank you to you too for your kind words of support throughout the week. heart


So, despite the barmy week we have had wink we have had a lovely time! We have delved into a traditional Tale with a twist and have shared the story 'Goildilocks Eat Your Greens!' This has been in line with national 'Healthy Eating Week 2021.' The children have got very firm ideas of what it is to eat healthily, so they really put Goldilocks to rights with not only her terrible behaviour when helping herself to the 3 Bear's things but also for her terrible attitude towards eating healthy food!

We have learnt about sharing and halving this week. Here are some practical home learning challenges for you to try to help your child to consolidate what they have learnt about doubling and halving...





We are having a weekly circle time to chat, share feelings and ask questions about their transition to Year 1. This week we have been looking at photos of the Year 1 classrooms, teachers and teaching assistants and I have been telling the children all about how very lovely the Year 1 teachers are and how excited they are to meet them!

Here is a link to a BBC Bitesize Well Being lesson all about coping with change for 5-7 year olds.  You may recognise a familiar character!


Last week our medal winner was Amelia and this week our medal winner is Leo. Well done both of you, we are all very proud of you!


So what are we getting up to this week? Well, in maths we are going to explore odd and even numbers and we are going to explore symmetry. In literacy and topic we are going to share 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. Mrs Murphy will be dancing with the children and Steve will be teaching them some ball tricks. 


Please accept my apologies, I have not got the children's photos with me this morning to enable me to upload the photos of our week but I will upload them on Monday. 


Have a very lovely weekend

Mrs Cook x x x