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Mrs Daniels - phonic session

Please continue to practise your phonics- this is for anyone to try, but if you were working with Mrs Hart and practising your segmenting/blending of real/alien words then this is perfect for you!

Mrs Nields real and alien word sort 2

This week I would like you to access Phonics Play and explore how we spell past tense words, and learn about some of the rules we use. It is quite tricky but have a really good go! Don't forget what a vowel is and what letters are called consonants. Click on the song below if you have forgotten and listen to our vowel song.


Now play!

You may log in with the following details:

username: jan21

password: home


Mrs Hart's 2nd phonic activity-
Mrs Hart works with groups of children to progress their phonics. She has shared her activity for you to do with your child at home. 
The children have been working hard on decoding real and alien words for the phonic screening. Some children were still working on this. Please encourage your child to watch the video below and join in with Mrs Nield. They should also continue to practise using their own word booklets that were sent home before Christmas.

Mrs Nields real and alien word sort