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Today we are going to spend some time checking our postcards. I would like you to look at your work and check that you have included these things on the checklist.


You can print this out or check them verbally. If you need to make changes rewrite your postcard on a new template. Read your postcard out loud to make sure it makes sense.


To warm up I would like you to visit the website below and practise dividing by 2- remember this is cutting a number in half.


Now watch the video on symmetry and complete the challenges online-



If you would like a further challenge play the game below and complete the worksheets- you could complete them and give them to someone you love for Valentine's Day!


Mrs Hart's science

Helping your child to do internet research


The National Curriculum  guidance  suggests that children should `find out about` inventors of new materials.   We take this to mean that the children should do some of  their own research.

We would like your child to research the inventor of Lycra thread which is combined with other threads to make stretch fabric.   Ideally there would be a child friendly book on Joseph Shivers (the inventor of Lycra), but as this is not the case, we thought you might show your child how to research using the internet.   

We have selected some sites.   This is just to make things a little easier, and we have chosen sites which have fewer technical details. 

Please could you and your child look at the sites.   Your child will need support with the texts (some  of them contain `American-speak`)   You will also need to talk about the information you find.   Please explain why we have suggested several sites.   Children need to  be aware that information on the internet needs  to be checked and that information should not be taken from only one site.  You might switch between sites to check information.

Research  is not a comprehension exercise but here is a brief guide to  the information you might look for.

Who invented lycra?

When and why?

How is lycra used today?

Please note the Lycra may also be called spandex or elastane.

This is the type of rubber underwear Joseph Shivers was trying to replace.

Please use these sites for the research          (please scroll down to the year 1959)


We have created a quiz for you and your child to complete and here is also a You Tube clip to support this activity.


There is a technical bit in this You Tube clip, but it`s very brief


***************Quiz time**********************


Making Morph!

Web address for making Morph